I see May was a tough month for you Value guys, you must be suffering a bad dose of “FOMO” with all these #ai -related moves


Not at all – I suffer from “FOMOL” not #FOMO

What’s “FOMOL”, never heard of it?

“Fear Of Making Oversized Losses”

Homegrown – keeps me safe

Because if you’d “suffered” from FOMOL instead of FOMO in 2019 when “plant-based” was the “next megatrend” and Beyond Meat’s $300m of revenue was apparently worth a “Beyond ridiculous” $14bn (46x sales),

you’d have saved yourself a 67% loss in 4 months and 95% in 4 years

Or if FOMOL had stopped you paying $49bn for Peloton’s $4bn of revenue in Jan 21 when “at-home gyms” were the certain “next megatrend”,

you’d have saved yourself a 50% loss in 4 months and 94% two and a half years later

Or if FOMOL had cautioned you to avoid buying Rivian at $150bn after listing when people were saying their Amazon deal meant it was destined to be “the next Tesla” in the EV megatrend,

you’d have saved yourself a 47% fall in only 2 months and a 90% fall in six

Yes, but if you can call these “megatrends” correctly, just think how much money you can make!

Well from what I can see, all those “megatrends” – plant-based, at-home gym, and EVs are all still “mega trending”,

but you still lost a fortune if you overpaid for them

There’s a $1bn “Global Thematic Opportunities Fund” that invests in companies that, “benefit from global long-term market themes”

They have a team completely focused on finding companies that benefit from megatrends such as life sciences, demographics, AI, environment, etc

Wow, sounds amazing!

I know except Bloomberg tells me they’ve only compounded investors’ money at 3.53% over 5 years

Is that all?

I’m afraid so, illustrating how your “megatrend” idea sounds so great and obvious in theory, but extremely difficult to put into practice

and it’s not like we’ve been short of any, “megatrends”!

Well, then how am I going to become wealthy?

Apparently, Jeff Bezos once asked Warren Buffett,

“Your style of investing is so simple, why doesn’t everyone just copy you?”

And Warren replied,

“Because nobody wants to get rich slowly”

So why don’t you stop trying to catch the “next big thing”, because even if you do correctly call the next trend, chances are you’ll hang on too long and give back all your returns anyway..

Why not simply find a fund manager you think invests sensibly, doesn’t overpay so you don’t risk losing too much, and then “get rich slowly”

It might not be as much fun as correctly calling the “next big wave”

But it’s way more fun than getting “dumped” and losing 90%