“Markets move in a way that hurts the most people”, said a former boss

and I remember thinking, “what on earth is he on about?” The market isn’t a mythical, vindictive beast wandering around with whips and chains looking to harm people and their investment accounts Although I’m sure the Bitcoin Bulls feel like they’ve spent a few hours in the torture chamber recently.. But to explain, think of … Read on

“I think Growth is going to re-surge in 2023”


Why’s that? Because: I think inflation is going to fall,meaning the Fed can lower rates,and that’s good for growth funds and stocks So, I’m holding onto the growth funds that have lost my clients bucket loads of money this year, in the hope of recouping the losses next year Well billionaire, Ed Seykota, will tell … Read on

If you’re having a tough day & need a smile to lift your spirits, look at any Nestle IR presentation, you’ll see so many smiling faces with shiny white teeth, you’ll think they sell toothpaste, not chocolate.


Although coffee in the morning and chocolate at night is enough to make anyone smile, right? Unless, like me, 24x earnings makes you wince But this is the “Gourmet” of companies on “Quality Street”, the “Carnation” in the onion patch, isn’t it? Well, I think lurking beneath all this “happiness” are a few home truths … Read on

“Bitcoin got fried”

“Bitcoin got fried”, a title in today’s FT, would have gone over my head 24 hrs ago I’d never heard of Sam Bankman-Fried & might have guessed “FTX” was a sports car brand extension My 2022 surprise list a year ago (see comments) was for Bitcoin to fall 50% to $25000 so the collapse doesn’t … Read on

Have I told you about Petrobras?


The Brazilian oil company that’s controlled by the Government of Brazil which has just elected a new President? Yes Save your breath – I don’t like companies exposed to Government interference – I can’t forecast political risk But don’t you own Apple? Yes, but that’s a US company I know, but one of the risk … Read on

Four months ago, I did a “bankruptcy bomb” review on Amazon (see link in comments) & concluded “it hasn’t exploded yet, but it’s smouldering and could be atomic”


Last night it detonated Causing $180bn of damage after hours as it ripped through portfolios worldwide So if you own funds that hold it because it’s a “great company” or big in the benchmark, please call the portfolio paramedics because you took a hit And while getting treated, please re-read the disclosure about, “past performance … Read on

I think META should change its ticker symbol to WATA


“What a” disaster Long-term readers will know I’ve tried to warn people for some time about this “great company” But even I was taken aback at the level of faceplanting Daily Active Users were flat / marginally up in all regionsARPU was only down 4% q/q worldwide Yes, revenue declined 4% but that shouldn’t have … Read on