I’m no movie buff, but if you search for the worst movie sequels of all time, you’ll see some that you never knew existed like:


Basic Instinct II (seriously…)
Superbabies: Baby geniuses
Wall Street – Money never Sleeps
Jaws II – The Revenge
The Sting II
The Hangover II
Dumb & Dumberer
Police Academy

Well, there’s a new one more, that hit the theatres last Friday,

“European Financial Crisis II – Ghost Protocol”

Genre: Fantasy

In this movie it appears that:

Some “Baby Geniuses” set out to hatch a “Sting II” on “Wallstreet …hoping the Money wasn’t Sleeping yet”

Their target was Deutsche Bank – which they wanted the world to believe was “Credit Suisse II” – “Little Fockers”

So they bought $5m of illiquid Credit Default Swaps on DB

but since it was “Friday Night Horror”

“Basic Instinct II” took over

Causing the “Dumb & Dumberers” to sell

wiping out $33bn in value from European banks

and leaving them “Cheaper by the Dozen II”

But some people knew that DBK been enjoying positive “Jaws II”

And so the share price has since re-bounced 15%

leaving the “Dumb & Dumberers” with a “Hangover II”

Anyway, the “Police Academy 2” are onto them


“The Empire Strikes Back”